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What is Growth Hacking? and what is the difference between traditional marketing and growth hacking?

Growth hacking is about spreading something to the right people as quickly as possible and it grows from the silicon valley marketing mindset traditional marketers will have a broad set of responsibilities whereas the growth hacker is exclusively focused on growing the business or part of the business it’s not better or worst it’s just different the growth hackers daily task the way that they are reviewed by their boss their budget goes around growth but growth hackers need to be journalist because they need the ability to be both creative as well as tech savvy another key success factor for growth hacker is the ability to detach themselves from the individual tactics that they are trying and act based on the data that they are seeing so similar to the entrepreneurial cycle where you the moments of euphoria and that this moments of total dread because things aren’t working and there is huge body of research that shows we are not always rational especially when we have invested creative time and energy into launching something so that’s why growth hackers use data to track the creation distribution and the impact of certain tactics so that they can use the data to guide smart decisions

Why growth hacking training in important?

The Growth Hacking Training Academy runs preparing workshops to furnish Asian Start-ups with the skills and learning to develop into worldwide examples of overcoming adversity. We convey hands-on workshops that concentrate on information, application and execution of Growth Hacking procedures and strategies. We provide various growth hacking courses which will help to take your business to the next level!!!

We provide growth hacking training fo

1. Students

We believe in starting things early. We train students about growth hacking from the scratch by which at the end of the course you would be learning

1.  Clear definition of “Growth Hacking” and How you could use Growth techniques for customer acquisition.

2. Learn how companies have applied Growth Hacking for Customer Acquisition.

3. Understand various stages of Customer Life Cycle and can identify what stage customer is at.

4.  Learn how to apply A2R2 (Attract, Activate, Retain, Reap) Growth Hacking Framework for Customer Acquisition.

5.  Get to know tools for Growth Hacking at different stages in customer lifecycle.

6. Create a growth hack strategy to optimize an existing product / company’s conversion funnel.

7. Get suggestions for your Growth Challenges and run experiments with Growth Hacke

2. Start-ups.

The two main problems which are usually faced by a start-up are Money and contacts. We might not be able to help you financially but we can surely help you in generating leads. We will train you on how to strategize and analyse the future possibilities and finding loopholes to generate more leads. By the end of the course you will learn.

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