The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Relocation

As the 'green shoots of recovery' seem painfully slow to appear, some businesses will be looking to make efficiency savings by relocating to smaller or more modern premises.

Here’s how to avoid becoming one of the 50% of office move managers who lose their jobs... or miss the move date... or makes the ONE mistake that blows the budget wide open!

Eliminating dead space may seem an attractive way to quickly cut costs to secure the future. However, leading business office fit-out, refurbishment and relocation specialist, Alan Whitehead of Whitehead Francis Associates, warns that companies' attempts to make urgent economies might sink, rather than save them.

"Shrinking staff numbers may well lead businesses to consider a move to smaller premises," he says. "But unless they really know what they are doing, that move could be the death of them".

"Relocating a business - especially if moving to the UK from abroad - is hugely complicated and highly stressful, leading potentially to extremely expensive mistakes being made by ill-informed managers. The simple answer is of course not to appoint someone from in-house on the basis that they've nothing much else to do and they're being paid anyway - they more than likely won't have the necessary knowledge or experience.

A business relocation and fit-out specialist such as Whitehead Francis Associates will charge only a fraction of what companies stand to lose if they get it wrong. And if you factor in all the time that directors and managers often put into such a major upheaval, engaging a professional can actually save money."

However, recognising that some businesses will still choose to go it alone regardless, Alan Whitehead has drawn on his 35 years' plus experience of providing office move services, including project managing office refurbishments, office fit-outs and office relocations on behalf of companies of all sizes - from Marks and Spencer and Heineken to a host of smaller businesses - to identify the areas where the most common mistakes are made. He calls them "The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Relocation."

In Summary here are `The Seven Deadly Sins' to avoid:

1 Poor supplier choices

2 Lack of co-ordination

3 Poor budgeting

4 Poor staff choices

5 Starting late

6 Compressing the schedule

7 Poor communication

(Note: The author has already dealt with the first of these `Deadly Sins' in an earlier published article entitled: "Office Moving Service - The 7 Most Common Mistakes")

So, onto the second `Deadly Sin' - poor coordination - which often leads to delays and cost overruns. Whitehead, now warming to his theme, goes onto to point out "whatever timescale you give yourself to complete your office move project - whether several weeks or many months - it will come under huge pressure. It is vital to remember that any rescheduling of construction work is bound to have an impact on non-construction tasks. In fact, it is likely to impact on all the other suppliers; there can be dozens of them - and you will have to act as the referee in any disputes!"

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