Business Coaching Can Eradicate Time Wasting

You probably don’t realize it, but during every working day there will be many time waters that reduce your effective working day. Problem is you don’t know they are happening; you have got so used to it, it just forms part of your regular working day.

Somehow you need to be able to identify the time wasting functions and then take the appropriate action to stop them. Getting yourself a business coach can be an effective way of finding out just when you are involved in a time wasting action. Once it’s identified ways can be found to stop it and therefore improve your productivity.

Let’s take one example; you never plan or prioritise your working day. You don’t know it, but because there is no real organization much of your day can be spent moving from task to another. You get interrupted by a call and when you finish with the call you start on a different task to the one you were doing before the interruption. It sometimes hard to see this yourself, but if you have this problem a business coach will help identify it and then set you on a route that’s planned and focused.

Everyone does it; putting things off we don’t want to do until another day. Problem is you end up with many tasks you didn’t want to do which makes the job even more unpleasant. You then start worrying about them which waste time and so the cycle begins. A business coach will spot this straight away and help find a way to ensure that you deal with the tasks you would otherwise have put off.

Interruptions are probably the biggest time wasters for everyone. It’s not so much that the interruptions are important, it what happens to your train of thought when you are interrupted. You may have been focusing clearly on getting an important task complete; your mind was working perfectly and then the phone rings. By the time you try to go back it’s really hard to get going again, so you get a cup of coffee and yet more time is wasted. A business coach will show you ways to focus more and methods to get interruptions down to a minimum.

Are you one of those people that think you are the only one that can do the job properly, so you never delegate. You are in at 8am and don’t leave till 6pm and you have so much to do. The fact is there are plenty of other people perfectly capable of taking a lot of work off your shoulders. This will reduce the stress you are under, mean you can work shorter hours and will definitely mean that the tasks you do continue to do will be handled better.

If you are not a meetings person, then you probably know someone who is. A meeting should be scheduled with a tight timetable. There should always be a specific purpose and the need to obtain a sensible outcome. Don’t get in the habit of having a meeting for meetings sake; they really are the ultimate time wasters.

A business coach will help you understand when you are wasting time and identify ways of making you more productive. You will be amazed at the amount of time you and probably all your colleagues waste every day without ever realizing it.

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