Various Types of Immigrations and Their Process From India

The latest report of the United Nations has revealed that migration from India has the highest in the world with 1.6 crores Indians living outside the nation. This was in the survey conducted by the Department of Economic and Social affairs of the UN.

It was further elaborated in the survey that more than seventy-five percent of the total world’s immigrants are immigrating to only 20 nations. The US was the nation that received the maximum number of immigrants with 19% of the world’s total immigrants.

Immigration from India is for diverse reasons such as work, study, tour, business, as dependent or for settlement.

Many visa applicants looking for migrating from India were aspirants of career overseas. These applicants look forward to work overseas for a long time or for a short duration. If a person does not have a job, he can opt for the work search visa that will permit you to enter the specific nation without a job. Once the job is secured, the immigrant can process the work visa.

There are many visas that are work visas for which the applicant needs to either have a job offer from a firm overseas or be eligible for the work pool in that nation on the points based system.

Studying abroad is a wise decision to make and many applicants of visa abroad are looking for migrating from India on the Study visa. A study visa is given to an applicant who intends to study overseas in diverse universities. For these applicants, the visa assessment is largely dependent on the documents and evidence submitted by them in support of their visa application.

The study visa permits the applicant to pursue a course of his choice at the university abroad and the stay overseas is dependent on the duration of the course.

Immigration from India is also for purposes of short-term in nature such as leisure, tour, visiting family friends, or relatives, and for healthcare and medical purposes. These kinds of visits require tourist or visitor visas and they are given easily for applicants who establish the legitimate purpose of the visits.

Immigration from India is also for business purposes. Applicants who need to visit overseas for reasons of official nature such as meeting, project work, conferences or client meetings must apply for the Business visa. In some instances, the company would like to expand its presence abroad and send its workers for this purpose. Even in this scenario, the business visa must be applied.

The applicants of diverse visas need documents and evidence that are specific to their visa. For instance immigrants from India looking to work abroad must either have a job offer from a firm overseas or be eligible for a job through the points based system.

The student visa applicants must have an offer of a seat from a university or an educational institute. Valid travel documents and evidence of financial ability to support their stay abroad are common criterions required for almost all types of visa.

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