What Are the Pros and Cons of Trifold Brochure Printing? How

If you are here now, we guess you must have already visited a printing press and they told you that you can choose to trifold, Z fold, Half fold, double parallel, single gate, double gate, roll fold, accordion, half then half and half then trifold. We bet you must have dosed off while they were out narrating the list of options and though the trifold brochure printing samples looked the most attractive, you couldn’t fix your mind on whether you should go with your gut instinct or blindly follow what the people at the printing company advise you to do. In a similar manner, when you order door hangers for the first time you begin to realise that such a mundane thing also has several aspects which you must take into consideration. Are you perplexed and about to give up? We are going to help you through your difficulties today!

The fact that trifold brochure printing is one of the most popular ones shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as it is a great way to showcase your company and the products you have on offer in a clear and comprehensive way. However, before you sign on the dotted line, you should go through the samples with a fine toothed brush to see if the colours, graphics, paper stock, font types and sizes, folding options, number of pages and overall length and breadth of the brochure meet your demands. Tri fold brochures are not only cost effective but they are also easier to hand out and display, takes up lesser space on the counter, fits easily into narrow spaces of a customer’s handbag and guarantees positive response when the final product is engaging and of a higher quality. Allow us to let you into a little secret: The tri fold is able to display all the panels at one go so that the graphics and written content can help paint the larger picture to your target customer, imparting only the essential information and removing the rest.

After you have chosen the graphics, pictures and the writing, you should be careful that each panel contains a single picture. Always review the overall design before getting it printed. One picture distributed amongst the three panels might work in case of magazines but where brochures are concerned, it is a big NO-NO. Also, if you have to impart a lot of brochure it is advisable to skip the tri fold format and rather go for a larger brochure pattern with multiple pages. Discuss your business objectives with the printing company you approach and heed their professional advice.

Before you order door hangers, research the demographics before you launch a door hanger campaign. Know exactly the customer profile of your target audience to know which localities you need to direct your attention to in order to get the best returns. Since people are used to discarding door hangers easily, keeping the designs simple is a great idea. Not only will you save a lot of money, the simple message would strike a chord with your customers. The content should consist of bold and clear images with a clear call to action, to get responses attach a special coupon with bar codes so that you immediately get to know when someone has made use of your door hanger and track your success relatively easily.

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